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Posted On: 2/2/2018

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My partner and I rented a 2-bed/2-bath unit that was very spacious, had a fantastic layout, and overall looked very updated and contemporary. We felt very confident that we'd love this place right away, starting with the leasing process. Deron was a very helpful and professional leasing agent, answering all of our questions or finding us answers as promptly as possible. The cost of rent, amenities, and utilities for what we saw was a great value. Conditions of the unit were very reasonable, with many great updates to finishes, lighting, and flooring. Occasionally we saw a few signs of age when it came to appliances or cabinetry, but the maintenance did a great job to remedy those things (or completely replace them). With the switch in property management, there was a brief period of chaos with new methods of communication or payment processes, but overall it was a vast improvement from the original methods. PLUS the property manager, Adam, is very professional and definitely cares about his tenants. I'd say one thing to consider improving might include a more efficient way to track parking permits, because there was always a struggle to find parking while a lot of other unmarked cars took up spaces for days at a time. Another thing I'd say to remember is that this place does allow smoking in their units, so if you hate any possible scent of cigarettes, ask about the surrounding units if you can. We happened to live above a 20-year tenant who was also a chain smoker, which made it tough to avoid smelling through bathroom vent fans. Overall, however, this place was amazing. If I could, I'd pick this unit up and literally take it with me to where I had to relocate for work. I wish I could have stayed longer, but the commute was too long to justify staying. If you are looking to live on the east side, live in a spacious unit for a great value, definitely check this place out.
By: Bri Moritz   
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